Life at Arcade 🌴

Technologist? Be amongst friends.

We're fierce technologists, with an obsessive appreciation for design and usability. You'll find discussions here revolve around product, user and social life.

We're a global team but are in constant and never ending dialogue with our colleagues overseas - using Slack, Whatsapp, Facetime and rarely but sometimes - email. 

We support brave decisions, we're serious about time tracking and fanatical about sprint process flows - but that doesn't mean we're running to the line every fortnight. 

We make the right decisions and give ourselves time to make those decisions. The only person who gives a timeline commitment to a task if the person doing the task. This way, we've been constantly beating timeframes and managing happy colleagues and customers.

It takes a high IQ and EQ to make the right product the right way

Some teams talk about the user, and other teams talk to the user. We're the latter. Having empathy and being unwavering in your focus on the problem being solved requires really high people skills and expertise in your discipline, whether engineering, management or design.

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