UX Designer

Arcade Dev House is based in Sydney and build Digital Products (Apps and Web-based Software Applications) for Startups and Enterprise businesses such as Lendlease, Westfield, Betfair, Click Frenzy and Kaspersky Lab.

You’ll be working closely with a 35-person strong team of Software Engineers, Business Analysts, Product Managers, UX Designers and Solution Architects who love the process of what we do and value the friendships we make with Clients along the way.


Our UX Designers have clear and straightforward responsibilities at Arcade:

  • Work with clients, product managers and business analysts on user flows and wireframes to enable you to design intuitive user interfaces that align with project requirements, and work through exceptions and use-cases together.
  • Work with users to ensure feedback flows into our process and you’re receiving first-hand feedback to create a better product.

Non-Negotiable Skills

We don’t do ego and we don’t do “no”. The following skills are must haves that will enable your colleagues to perform their roles to the best of their ability:

  • Communicating clearly to all stakeholders.
  • Multi-task on various projects that may be in different stages of the development process.
  • Prioritise your responsibilities logically.
  • Contribute to team culture and learning.
  • Have a near obsession with time management.

Design Skills

Arcade’s process is mature and includes our Design System that has been adopted successfully across the team. A tertiary degree, an understanding of design thinking and user-centered design are expected in order to be considered for this role.

The specific skillset we’re looking for from you are:

  • Figma – We expect advanced usage of Figma – so your approach to designing in Figma demonstrates clever use of your Workspace, Styles and Components – we’re always improving and revising how we work and expect ownership of Arcade’s design process and toolset. You meticulously prepare and organise screens, clearly named to a logical naming convention – and build out your Prototype in line with your teams Flows and User Journeys and our Interaction Designers.
  • Experience in Affinity Diagrams, User Journeys, User Stories, User Interviewing is preferable but not mandatory.
  • Experience in JIRA and Confluence is preferable, but not mandatory. On the job training will be provided.

What you’ll get

When you join Arcade, you’ll get the following from us:

  • Equity (ESS and ESOP) in Arcade and up and coming Australian startups
  • Apple device of your choice (MacBook + Screen or iMac) and dedicated workstation.
  • Being an appreciated and respected member of the team.
  • We have our own innovation lab, workshop rooms, you’ll be sitting in our open plan area with the entire team and have access to amenities.

Portfolio of work

We're really interested to see your portfolio of work, we're looking for app and web application projects that showcase your talent and skills. Please email your portfolio link to hello@arcadedevhouse.com.au.

Applications are open to 31 Oct 2022. Goodluck!

Get in touch

Do you have a product to discuss? Please reach out to us if you want a trail-blazing product built by a trail-blazing team of pros.